2932 Highway Ave, Highland, IN  

Custom Framing Service

Framing & Design

Custom Work

Offering frame options by

Color, Style, Theme
and Budget

Unique Projects,
Shadow Boxes,
Multi-Item Displays

Upgrades & Repairs

Reframe a Piece,
Change Matting,
or Upgrade Glass


Artist Supply

Art Mediums

Art Tools


Acrylic, Pastels, Watercolors, Oil, & Alcohol-based Paints,
Clays, and More

Plenty of Brushes, Pens, Canvases, Paper Pads and Tools

Our artists on staff have experience with many of our products


    OUR WORK    

We work to fit each frame to the style

of the customer and the style of the art. 

Framing is the last step in the process of any visual piece.

click any image below to see some of our favorite pieces


    About Hoosier Highlander    

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